Why You Should Tell and Write

Every day they come, they wait, they look, and when they can't see them, they leave.

The next day, they come a little more crowded and a little more longing; Here! that is, they look at the place you are looking at, just as they look at the universe, they cannot see and they leave.

They always go to return again…

Maybe they are waiting for you to come and tell me. They want you here without getting tired.

They come every day because there are "drask.in" here. They are listening to the narrators, waiting for the next, the next and you.

They don't know your name yet...

Nor do they know what phrase to greet them with, which you have been hiding for years. But they are just waiting for that sentence you will make.

They want you to be here and tell them you're here.

They are waiting for you to write down the hopes they lost, their lost love and the tears they couldn't wipe, so that they can find it in their sentences.

They just don't wait.

They will take a word of yours and turn it into a medicine.

Those who will transfer your words to their lives like springs of life are waiting, as well as those who are waiting to set off with their suitcases ready!

Those who keep the rhythm of politics are waiting, the one who sings the prison song...

They want you to write and tell them right here.

Now, right away, soon, if you don't write;

Their sentences are distorted, their words become meaningless, and the light of day disappears.

If you don't write here now, the sentences you need to deliver to their owners are incomplete, the words will be meaningless.

drask is a space, a screen, and a universe where those who have to tell are interlocked with those who can't help but listen.

Now, we invite you here, on this site, on this world, to complete this circle of love that you are missing.

We want you to write.

We want you to tell.

Because you know!

There are people who write every day. And pens that are eagerly awaited to write. We expect you to write your highly anticipated articles every day.

There are those who cannot finish telling and telling. And what is expected, "I wish he would tell". We want you to experience both.

There are people who are tired of writing. And the one who has been waiting for the place to write for years. We want you to write on “drask” without getting tired.

If you are one of those who are expected to write, miss the narration and carefully choose the place to write, we are happy that you are here and we are happy that you are on the right path!

If you are one of those people whose mind jumps out with a single word and writes the sentences one after the other without stopping; It will be your strongest reason to write dask.

Or, if you are the master of those magic words that take the reader away when you write, the soul will say to the listener when she tells, then drask, come on, tell you to do your magic.

Eğer sıradan şeyleri cümlelere yüklerken, olağanüstü anlamalar üreten anlam fabrikasının sahibi siz iseniz, şimdiden sıra dışı yazılarınızı yazmanız için “buyurun” denilecek.

Here you go to write, the owner of the pen that takes the ink from your heart!

Start telling, master who knows what words do to people!

Come on summer! The writer who makes extraordinary sentences with ordinary words!

Build this world we miss, sentence by sentence, word by word!


Give your shoulder to this world, where the good find the good deeds, the wrongdoers find the punishment, the applause of success and the true reward of love!

Could you please tell us and everyone?

There is one small step you need to take for all this, please go to our "authoring" page, read the surprises waiting for you and start writing and telling as a member!