Why This Site?

We were really tired. After searching and reading for hours, we were fed up with articles and stories that were of no use to us.

We were tired of seeing the same sentences on thousands of sites and wasting time with them.

However, we needed information that we could trust and stories that would contribute to our happiness.

We were searching, thinking we found it, reading like crazy, getting excited and experiencing huge disappointments when the article was over.

We had a need. We needed pens, thinkers and writers who knew what we needed.

We needed writers who stood behind their sentences and included us in their sentences. We needed real writers who answered our questions, rejoiced with us and grieved with us.

That's why we rolled up our sleeves and brought "drask" to life.

We have invited thousands of writers here so that those who need real information like us can come and listen to those who are longing to hear the untold things.

To put an end to your search for something to read, we spent days looking for pens to write and lips to tell. We found. They are here now, it says.

These writers, who do not accept time as a limit, continue to write so that not only for us, but also for the generations that will live after us. Every day and every moment from a different window.

They research, write and tell to beautify your world.

And every day they bring thousands of words side by side and continue to produce meanings that you do not know.

We, too, are happy to have brought together writers and readers whose hearts beat in the same way. We take pride in being able to do something for you.