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Millions of people search for a few words that will touch their hearts for hours every day. In this vast universe called the Internet, you should not keep these people waiting for a sentence you will make, a story you will tell, or an answer you will give. Now, you must write. You have to tell now on this site where people come following their hearts.

After all, don't those stories overflowing in your heart and the words you say yearn to exist forever?

Doesn't what you write on sites that no one visits, while it should be read millions of times, waits for the reader with his neck bent?

And the moment you published it, didn't you want to tell the whole world about your thoughts and ideas that would touch people's lives and guide people?

What you write and tell is already valuable. And these values should join the legacy of humanity and live on forever.

Whatever you need to write, whatever you want to tell, we are ready to give it all to you.

You are ready from yesterday, we know. We just haven't met before.

And now you can write.

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On this site, which was established to keep the memory of humanity fresh.

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