Become an Author

Hello, great person who realized that life consists of a single “dot” and millions of “commas”!

We have brought the greetings of people who call you every day but cannot reach you because they do not know where you are.

We have established a garden here for you so that you can plant a flower in the garden of peace of people who can change their lives with a single sentence and live to the fullest. Welcome to this garden whose gardener is us, who is the planter of roses, and whose smell is the readers.

SWe wrote an article to know who needs you and why, you can read it “here” and create their reason to be with us.

It provided all the facilities for your writing and we have planned many nice things to make you happy while writing.

Reward System

Every word you write here, every sentence you make will definitely win you. is a structure established to share its earnings with its author fairly. We will win, with the reader, the writer, the technical staff and the organizer.

We will be giving you cash prizes, cars and anything else you can think of. You can follow them on our “Award system” page.

However, the biggest reward will come from the people to whom we delivered your sentences. Every time they read, they will take you to the places you deserve, to the top, and will recommend what you wrote and told to people.

How to Become a Writer

There is one very simple thing you have to do to become a writer; Become a free member and start your writing process.

What you write and tell will go through a quick approval process and start broadcasting, reaching millions of people awaiting your words.

Now you can start "here" to become an author.

What will you write about

You will tell about everything that you think will be useful to people.

We have created several categories for this. But you can also write and talk about topics that do not fall into these categories. You can make category suggestions for your site.

We will not limit you. Our only limit is; There will be articles that will harm people. You will neither write them nor we will publish them anyway.