About Us

It's okay to read an about us article if it's about something that interests you. Well, is the “about us” article of this site really relevant enough to be in your life?

For the answer to this question, we want you to read this article for a few minutes and think about the places that are related to you.

In these days when several billion sites are on the air, how could there be a need for something to launch a site called "drask". Moreover, he should claim to bring the narrators and listeners together and touch their lives.

In this space of sound, image and text, where competition has made even the word "competition" obsolete, this site, which takes the price to be paid for existence, starts its activities with what value and purpose, what promises and where does it want to put it, we will briefly talk about it here.

While we are talking about these, you will realize that many of the issues that continue and should be in your life are the reason for our existence.

First of all, we all know that there are trillions of articles that can be read on the Internet, but only a few of them are worth reading and are not a waste of time. Sometimes, we spend days or even months trying to read a sentence that touches us and read a text that will give reliable information. Even if we eventually found it and made use of it, it has consequences for us when we lose it while searching.

The primary goal of this site is to be a place where you can easily find the information, experience and story you will need.

Secondly, these keyboards, which allow us to write this article to you, stand in front of the thief, the murderer, the liar, the swindler. Clean and uninspired knowledge, which constitutes our other goal, is our indispensable food for life.

We dedicate our time to this cause, at the cost of providing you with the truth instead of the lies, and reliable experiences instead of the risky stuff. Because, we have meticulously researched and examined where, from whom and how each sentence that we will make you read comes from.

On the other hand, we wanted these pens, sleepless sacrifices, writers, who will give you accurate and proper information, to have a good life. We wanted their efforts not to be wasted and to be in the places they deserve. Even if they say and write nice things, how they live is none of our business. We didn't put their insensitivity as an option.

Our authors; We spent a lot of time so that they could write and earn so that they could write and tell again. And we wanted the lives of these brains that will benefit you to be as beautiful as they write, and with this intention, we organized drask.in.

The site was established in order to provide its visitors with real-life stories and reliable, clean information as it should be, it was activated for this and it was established to establish the balance.

By answering the question we asked at the beginning, we would like to leave you alone with the beauties on the site; We asked: “Why should this site interest you?”

İThe answer to this question consists of the values we have just described and counted as our reasons for existence.

In today's world, where the phrase "You are valuable to us" is used for manipulation to take advantage of us, we wanted to show you that we know your value by conveying to you those wonderful meanings produced by valuable writers who create value for you.